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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Air Canada Boeing 747 Hard Landing...

I've read this photo is a fake. Thank God! It is a very good fake though.


  1. I had lots of questions when I saw this at the smaller resolution but the full size image makes it quite clear it is faked. First issue is how the spine is perfectly straight while the belly is not in contact with the ground, so it did not crack or scrape on landing. Only an explosion is left but no bodies fill the air and the gasses have not carried beyond the metal.

    In the full size image you see that the body is filled with dirt. The gasses are tire smoke. The last A in CANADA is not distorted. All of the bent frame containing windows show ghost window streaks due to a bad morphing technique. How many other errors can other readers find?

  2. Yes, indeed it is a fake.


  3. Fuck all you pricks! Get a fucking life!

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