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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did Aviator Steve Fossett Fake His Death?

Rumors are now swirling around the globe that famed aviator Steve Fossett may have hoaxed the world.

A British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph has reported that Fossett may have been leading a double life, after having affair's with two other women and used his reported "final" flight to make the world belive he had died in a tragic plane crash.

The famed aviator vanished in September of 2007 whilst on a recon flight spotting possible flat terrain for his land speed record attempt.

He departed from a private area field, near Minden, Nevada, owned by his friend Barron Hilton.

After a lenthly and costly search and rescue attempt by the U.S. Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Air Force and civilian searchers throughout the Seirra Nevada, with no results, Fossett was claimed dead.

New findings from a private investigation led by the British based insurance firm, Lloyd's of London provide new information that Fossett had in fact had two affair's with mistresses and that the plane he was reportedly flying on the day he vanished could very easily be dismantled and hidden in a short space of time.

This leads me to the question: Did Aviator Steve Fossett Fake His Death?

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Posted by: Joy Location: Chicago
I've always thought this "disappearance" was strange. He's an accomplished flyer, there were no weather problems that day, the plane was never found after exhaustive searches. And, most importantly, his "widow" was very quick to get him declared dead. It's quite possible he disappeared to get away from his wife, who would have been in on the whole thing, and by the way she was handsomely rewarded after he was declared dead. It all seems so plausible to me. I think there should be an investigation.
Posted by: Terri Location: CA
"all in all, if his plane did actually crash, it would have been found by now.." Not true. There are many other planes that have gone missing in that area that have never been found. It's also not uncommon to hear about planes being 'found' decades after they went down. Happens all the time.

Posted by: Grammar Police Location: USA
2 affairs, not 2 affair's

Posted by: Dan Location: Reno
He's a republican, you really can't trust any of them. He's alive, hidden but alive and the plane is dismantled and hidden. Just another conservative wacko.
Posted by: Bob Location: California
I believe that he is Dead and that he is either in a lake or a rough, hard to find canyon. Might be found sometime in the future by hunters stumbling upon the wreckage or a fisherman getting a snag and pulling up a piece of the plane which could lead to the actual discovery of the whole plane and what is left of Mr. Fossett. As for the other issues, everyone with fame and money chases pretty young girls because they can.

Posted by: Carol Location: Reno
There are many ways to look at this. I believe that his wife knew of his private life, which included a younger woman. Now he could have vanishsed to be with her or he could still be on the Hilton Ranch 6' under..check it out who knows..his (wife) does not seem to care one way or the other, she just wanted him declared dead so the insurance money would come through, there are a lot of ways to look at this and it should be throughly investigated. If he is alive he should be brought before World Television and apologize to everyone who looked for him and pay every cent back to those who as said before "put thier lives on the line for him" Really, he seemed intelligent enough to simply ask his wife for a divorce instead of just faking his death, and then there is the speed record, maybe he figured out the time wrap....all in all, if his plane did actually crash, it would have been found by now..

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