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Friday, September 18, 2009

Plane overruns runway

Beginner...land down wind!
Then you have an up hill runway ! When flying into this airport this is very common sight. RWY 10 descent gradient is way too steep for an aircraft with out a stol kit and reverse pitch capabilities.its tight even in Twin Otter on Rwy 10.
Approach over the water is far safer as you can touch down right at the end and roll UP Hill 2100 feet!


he should have gone around. he was wayy to far down the runway to hope to land safely

True to a point: Air speed on approach to fast, Approach to high, flared too late. Did n't go Full power, lift out flaps to 20 degrees, trim for take off , get positive airspeed and then climb out with left crosswind departure,

Landing in the wind is worst in this case. Your approach pattern is left traffic and then you must descent close to the mountain. Ending in only less than two mile short final, with little room for a right crosswind go around. We always take the beach option with the tail wind.

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