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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

China's J-20 Stealth Jet Takes Off

Is China's J-20 Stealth Plane Airborne? via Flightglobal
When pictures circulated yesterday showing China’s “secret” stealth jet taking flight, there was speculation the photos could be fake. Not anymore. Aside from Chinese President Hu Jintao’sconfirmation to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the J-20 has indeed conducted its first test flight, video of the maiden voyage has surfaced as well.
We’ve posted a longer cut of the video here, complete with all the taxiing, standing around, and escort jet-launching that accompanies a test flight. Look for the J-20’s takeoff sequence to begin at the three minute mark.


I don't really see this a problem for the most part. A couple of years back I believe it was the Isreal figured out that you can spot stealth aircraft using a country's cellular phone system. The stealth aircraft would cause a dark spot on the cellular network based on location and distance to nearest tower. I do like how even the rear stabilizers are slanted. lol

The aircraft's skin has the sheen of metal, not composite materials. The ventral strakes obviously were added to address high speed yaw and/or pitch issues. That puppy is a big plane with unshielded engine exhausts, and it looks like a blend of F-22 stealth contours and Eurofighter features. Dogfight capabilities? Probably very good to excellent. Max speed? My guess is around mach 2 tops. Stealth capabilities? Very good, but nowhere as good as an F-22, particularly from the rear.

thats a HUGE jet. I want to see it doing some actual flight maneuverer. curious about how well it can handle in flight, or what its ceiling is.

They have copied the iPhone and much more. Most espionage cases involve classified data to China.
F16+F15+Raptor22+Eurofighter=J20. One of many byproducts when Espionage, Industrial excellence, and Determination are combined.

Stealth isn't just on or off, there are many shades and nothing is 100% stealth. This design appears stealthy-er than most, but it also gives the appearance of a much larger radar signature than the F-22 or F-35. It's the little things that make a big difference and this looks like stealth on the cheap. This design also looks to have a very significant heat signature, which makes it susceptible to heat seeking. That said, it could prove a very effective combat aircraft. Let China thump its chest. The US and its allies have nothing to fear from this. The real threat is economic.

I can totally agree. I think this jet is not on the extreme side of stealth. I think its a good step forward for the country.

There is alot more to this plane then just what it can do.... There is also what it means... China has the numbers game going for them and also has put a grip on the rare earth market.... They could mass produce this plane once it goes full scale.... Clinch on to your buttocks guys, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

China is still having problems with their engines. But they will get it down at some point. The bigger threat with aviation is the recent agreement between Russia and India to develop a stealth fighter-bomber. The fact is America is sliding due to our military being over deployed and our resources becoming limited. We may be number one in military but it might change as we lose our ability to manufacture due to destroying our manufacturing infrastructure and selling out to foreign interests. Corporate raiding leaves us vulnerable.

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