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Monday, June 24, 2013

Did Chinese plane have mid-air crash with UFO?

Did Chinese plane have mid-air crash with UFO?

Dent ... Air China jet visibly damaged
Published: 10th June 2013

SHOCKING images have emerged from China showing the dented nose cone of a passenger plane after a mystery collision with a suspected UFO.

The Air China jet was forced to make an emergency landing after the incident.

Airline officials have so far refused to say what caused the damage – but flying saucer experts saying it could have been a UFO.

The Boeing 757 passenger plane was flying at around 26,000 feet over China when it was rocked by a huge thud.

Smash ... UFO 'could be cause' of damage

The pilot immediately called air traffic controllers who allowed him to touch down at a nearby airfield.

It was only when the plane was grounded that the huge dent was spotted.

Experts say the aircraft was at such a high altitude the impact is unlikely to have been caused by a flock of birds - with another possible explanation cited as a drone strike.

But former government UFO investigator Nick Pope said: “Whatever struck the aircraft will have left evidence."

He continued: "Analysis of the damaged nose cone should reveal microscopic traces of whatever struck the aircraft, or possibly even larger pieces of debris. So this is a solvable mystery.

"The only question is, will the notoriously secretive Chinese authorities reveal the truth about what happened?

Bump ... dent on the plane's nosecone

“Cases like this show that whatever people believe about UFOs, there are serious air safety issues here. MoD and CAA files contain dozens of reports of near misses between UFOs and commercial aircraft.

“It's only a matter of time before there's a catastrophe.

"From the look of the photos, this disturbing incident came very close to blowing this aircraft out of the sky.”

The flight was on its way from the Chengdu to Guangzhou when the smash happened about 20 minutes into the journey.

Mystery ... cause of accident is unknown

No passengers or crew were hurt in the mind-boggling incident.

Air China was asked to say what caused the damage to the plane but repeatedly failed to respond.

The crash comes just days after we revealed how three passenger jets had close encounters with flying saucers above Britain’s scientology HQ.

Pilots reported seeing “flat silver discs” with unidentified objects also appearing on the screens of air traffic controllers.

A probe into the sightings failed to find an explanation.

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