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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bagrisimo at the controls...

This was around 1983. On final approach to runway 9R at Tamiami Airport after flying to Key West. It was so hazy that day you can barely see the runway. This photo was taken by my cousin Gregory Serrano seating in the back seat of a Cessna 172. The right seat was occupied by a college friend Moises Perez. This is one of very few photos I have of that adventurous era.


  1. Dude, look like the passenger on the right side is doing a death grip on the dashboard, holding on for dear life.

  2. No way dude. I gave them a smooth ride. I just followed US-1 all the way there and back. Moises was an ATC student that was in one of my classes. He and I became good friends. When I tried out for ATC we went in together. He actually became a controller. After he came back from Oklahoma city, we lost track of each other. He used to like working on cars and we used to get together and do stuff to our vehicles. Good ole times.

  3. I remember going with you to Tamiami airport to fly with your instructor. I think his name was Habib. You guys took off for touch and goes down in Homestead while I waited for you to get back. I think at the time, you were only able to fly 2 seater Cessnas. Anyway, your engine died in Homestead and I was there for hours waiting. Needless to say, we should have invented cell phones right then and there.

  4. Yeah that sucked. I bet you were happy you weren't on that plane. You probably were thinking "Those dudes crashed" They had to send another plane to get us. I think it was almost night time by the time we landed back at Tamiami.

    Yeah Habib Cheguenni... He was a cool guy. I gave him many rough landings or "knock and gos" as he used to call them. You have a great memory dude... He was from Tunisia and was himself training to fly airliners in his country.

  5. I am looking for George and pete . Please send your coordenates.