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Sunday, June 17, 2007

It feels like the good old days...

Ah Remember the good all days of the cold war? I do. Even though we lived under the spectre of nuclear annihilation, at least we knew who the enemy was, and what the end result would be. Nowadays it seems the whole damn world is our enemy. They like our dollars but they all seem to hate our guts. Anyway I'm back from San Diego. In as much as I like airplanes, I hate travelling in them. At least on commercial airlines that is. I don't understand how these airlines manage to lose money. I got on four airplanes (Delta who just came out of bankruptcy), and they were all packed to the hilt. They gave us monkey food on the way. Diminutive portions of Oreo cookies, granola bars, cheese and crackers etc... They charge for everything else. And they don't seem to have enough flight attendants to go around. These poor gals work their tails off. I felt sorry for them. Anyway it was Palm Beach to Atlanta and then Atlanta to San Diego.

You can pretty much take it for granted that any flight landing or taking off from Atlanta is going to be delayed. This airport is just incredibly busy. I have some photos of this which hopefully I will post later. Then the 4 hour flight to San Diego seemed to drag on forever. Not so bad on the way there because we had those individual screens on the seat backs.

I had more fun playing with the GPS on that thing than anything else. You know exactly were you are at all times and how fast, and how high, and the heading. So any time I would hear engine noise changes, I could tell we were climbing or descending etc... At one point it was very bumpy and the pilot kept going higher and higher looking for smooth air. We ended up climbing to FL410, that's 41,000 feet for you non types. I didn't know the 757 could go that high. Anyway I'm glad to be back safely home. I'm a little jet lagged but otherwise Okay.

A U.S. Air Force F-15C Eagle aircraft, top, from the 12th Fighter Squadron, Elmendorf Air Force Base, intercepts a Russian Tu-95 Bear bomber Sept. 28, 2006, during a Russian military exercise near the western coast of Alaska. The North American Aerospace Defense Command launched three pairs of fighters to detect, intercept, and identify the aircraft during a planned response to the exercise.

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