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Monday, June 25, 2007

Here Is A Strange One - Carvair ATL98

From the the middle of the wing back looks like a Douglas product.

The Carvair was officially known as the Aviation Traders Ltd ATL.98. This was an engineering company in the UK formed by Sir Freddie Laker to convert some 22 DC-4 aircraft to carry cars across the English Channel. They had rebuilt noses, and DC-7 tail fins grafted on. In the hump was two pilots, a jump seat and two pax seats, plus a lavatory and a rack for AC/DC inverters. ZK-NWA (pictured) is currently under restoration at Fairbanks Alaska for Brooks Fuel. Sister plane ZK-NWB is earning a living with Phoebus Apollo airlines at Lanseria, near Johannesburg, SA. Only three carvairs survive in any flyable condition. -Simon


  1. wtf, that's pretty weird, I tell you. I DON'T want one.

  2. I just found you via google. One of these types of planes was used in the James Bond film "Goldfinger". Seeing the plane in the film prompted my web search. Odd bird eh? Thanks for the post. Bernard

  3. Odd bird indeed. I didn't know it was on a James Bond film I will check it out. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.