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Monday, June 18, 2007

GPS Info. On Delta Flight...

I apologize for the bad photos, they are from my cellphone camera which sucks.This is the coolest thing. I spent most of my flight going back to these useful information GPS screens. This was on a "Song" (Delta) Boeing 757. It is awesome to know where you are at all times. So I would go to the movie and back to this, to the news and back to the GPS. My wife kept telling me "Stop it already!" Of course I didn't listen because I had my own screen. They should put these things in all airplanes. It really helps pass the time especially in long flights.

The air temperature outside at one point dropped to -34 deg F. I remember in flight school they told us the air temperature goes down about 1 deg per thousand feet... Of course in the POS Cessna's I flew, this was not very noticeable. The pilot in this flight eventually climbed to 41,000 feet.

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